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With the latest version of eDesigner's Payment function, you can now build an online form that:

1) A new section within the ‘Add Item’ menu called Payment

2) A drop-down of three functions within there that enables one to add:

    • Individual items with associated descriptions / prices / fund code / references
    • An ad-hoc user-defined amount to pay
    • A purchase summary which lists multiple items being bought

3) An enhancement to page rules to be able to show/hide individual/multiple purchasable items based upon a user’s selected needs

4) A new ‘Payment Setting’ button to be able to still cater for single item payment forms

5) An enhancement to the API integration to push the total calculated payment into the payment field in Capita/Northgate Payment systems

6) Enhancement to the API integration to automatically push the summary of the items to be paid for into the Capita/Northgate Payment Confirmation screens.

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About the author

John is responsible for all product management at IEG4. 

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