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In response to customer feedback and following policy changes from the DWP we have added the following enhancements to the eClaim:

- The ability to set any living situation as exempt from Universal Credit in the same way as Supported Accommodation is

- The addition of new questions where a person indicates that they live alone to determine SPD eligibility

- The addition of new questions to determine the tenancy start date/date moved in where the person is living in rented accommodation but in receipt of Universal Credit. 

The following bug has been addressed:

- It was noticed that where the setting:


Is set to a number of months below 3, pensioners were also being restricted to this number of months for a potential backdate. As this setting relates specifically to working age people a change has been made to address this. 

For more information on the content of the release sign in to the customer area here:

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About the author

John is responsible for all product management at IEG4. 

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