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This update - v1.5 - is a minor update primarily for those customers using the EDMS functionality present within OpenProcess. 

Item One

The first update is the ability to:

a) Delete a document that has been erroneously added to a process 

So now a user can correct issues they make which is obviously important if they upload someone else's document to a process. I.e. this would mean someone else could see a letter/document not relevant to them. 

b) Control the visibility of a document to be (or not to be) visible to linked processes. 

Where a person submits multiple processes these are linked automatically if they submitted them via OneVu. There is already the ability to limit the ability to see other linked processes but this goes further by hiding any documents that should not be seen by users that are able to view the linked processes. 

E.g. I open process a and can see process b is linked to it. I may have permissions to see process b but may not be able to see all associated documents if they have their visibility set to false. 

To facilitate these new functions there are now two additional options to the right of every document. These are the edit (pencil icon) and the delete (cross icons) functions. The new options are shown below:

If the user clicks the edit option the following is presented:

If the user clicks the delete option the following is presented:

Item Two 

This function is exclusive to EDMS users in that it relates to document templates generated from OpenProcess. 

This is the ability to set that the header added should only be shown on the first page of a template. This is controlled by the setting shown below I.e. the only put header on first page check box:

The following are the release versioning details:

Release Date Version Number
01/10/2018 1.5

About the author

John is responsible for all product management at IEG4. 

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